Jostle Allies with Transitive Society to Bring Next-Generation Enterprise Software to Europe

Vancouver, Canada — (December 12, 2012) — Jostle Corporation (, a next-generation intranet software company, and Transitive Society, a consultancy helping companies transform in a connected world, today announced a strategic partnership to help European and African organizations adopt Jostle’s innovative People Engagement® platform.

The partnership brings together Vancouver-based Jostle Corporation with the Paris-based Transitive Society. The two like-minded organizations share a common goal in helping energize corporate culture around the globe. Jostle’s People Engagement® platform, is a cloud based intranet that enables employees, amplifies culture, and facilitates teamwork. Meanwhile, Transitive Society is a leader in helping companies embrace complexity and adapt organizational structures to better perform in a global marketplace.

“Jostle is rapidly accelerating into the European market, where our unique and elegant approach is strongly resonating with customers. Francois Xavier and Thierry are seasoned leaders with a proven track record of assisting executive teams to set pragmatic strategies and adopt the right tools,” observed Jostle CEO Brad Palmer.

Together Francois Xavier and Thierry have worked with a wide variety of organizations, from innovative startups to local governments to large multinationals, across many different industries. Francois Xavier brings over 25 years of executive management and operations experience working for innovative high tech companies. This is nicely complemented by Thierry’s 20 years of expertise in marketing, cultural trend analysis, and social business strategy.

“We have seen organizations struggle to make traditional intranets and first-generation enterprise social platforms work. Jostle’s people-centric approach is well adapted to how work really happens inside of organizations,” commented Thierry de Baillon, co-founder of Transitive Society. “We are excited to see companies come to life, thanks to the focus on connecting people and amplifying culture,” added Francois Xavier Dumont, fellow co-founder of the Transitive Society.

About Jostle Corporation:

Jostle’s cloud-based People Engagement® platform is the next-generation intranet that helps organizations around the globe enable their employees and drive their culture, in simple and engaging ways. Jostle’s innovative approach results from an experienced team that brings three essential ingredients together – enterprise leadership, user experience design, and web-enabled software architecture. To share in our magic please visit us online at Based in Vancouver, Canada, Jostle’s enterprise platform does what intranets always dreamed of doing, but never could.

About Transitive Society:

Transitive Society is a consulting agency helping companies transform in a human-centered connected world. In today’s web-enabled world companies and organizations, public as well as private, face complex challenges and totally new opportunities. Transitive Society helps companies and organizations of any size find their own voice, and develop their capability to innovate and to adapt to such changes with perception, culture and context.