Transitive Lab

To unfold complex positions and build innovative strategies, it is necessary to take experimental paths, to foresight the main problems organizations and our whole society are tackling today. This is the goal and purpose of Transitive Lab.

Exploring possibilities, and building plausible scenarios about the mutations involving human interactions, allow us to better understand changes at stake inside organizations, and to help you to find a sustainable way in the uncertain world that surrounds us.

The “Future of Collaborative Enterprise” project is born from our will to combine research with consulting, exploration with recommendation, to be empowered to give answers that get past short-term to our clients, to sustainably increase their performance.

The aim of the Future of Collaborative Enterprise project is to try to help organizations, consultants, and anyone interested in the future of organizations to better understand the changes which are awaiting us, and to tackle them in a really collaborative way. As first result of this research, we published a white paper about the future of Social Business, that you can download on the project’s dedicated website.